On our way home?

This is the day.  Bobo and I are in the final stretch of preparing for his long awaited voyage home to Haiti.  Today at 3 pm Bobo will be on a plane to Nigeria and then on to Ghana from there to JFK and then back home to Haiti by noon tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

It has been a wild week with allsorts of twists and turns in the plans.  In the end we were honored and amazed that National Geographic came to our rescue.  We should have known all along to reach out to them, given that they are such a reputable organization and that they were the official sponsors of our work here.  I think we were just feeling so lost and dismayed during the week that Bobo was ill that we were not thinking very clearly.

Bobo and his Beninoise friend Moumouni who has been an incredible support.

After hearing about Bobo’s illness and ensuing travel issues National Geographic really stepped to the plate and organized new flights for him which will allow him to bypass Casablanca and Madrid, where he had such horrible experiences on the way here.

So now we wait with baited breath to see how the next 48 hours will pan out.  Will Bobo make it home this time?  Will he and Anthony and I finally be reunited with our colleagues, friends and family in Haiti???

Please keep us in your thoughts for the next 2 days and we will keep you informed as his journey proceeds.

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Finally A HUGE AND HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.  The team there has restored our faith in humanity and given us the strength to try this trip one more time.

With love from Benin (hopefully I too will be leaving later tonight)

And he is off!

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  • Vicki
    May 31, 2012 (3:52 pm)

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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