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SOIL celebrates efforts to increase access to sustainable sanitation solutions around the world. In order to support this critical effort, we are happy to share the following resources for those interested in implementing ecological sanitation in their communities:


  • The SOIL Guide to EcoSan – This 144-page page manual, first published by SOIL in 2011, gives an overview of ecological sanitation technology and provides guidance for how to build successful ecological sanitation projects globally. Learn more.
  • SOIL Consultancy Services – SOIL offers consultancy services in Haiti and abroad to support ecological sanitation solutions in both emergency and non-emergency contexts. Learn more.
  • SOIL Publications, SOIL Presentations, and Further Reading  – A compilation of additional educational materials to support your ecological sanitation projects.

In Haiti:

  • SOIL’s EcoSan Workshops – SOIL conducts regular one-day workshops in Haiti on how SOIL’s use of ecological sanitation (EcoSan) technology in Haiti. This workshop includes an overview of SOIL’s programs, technologies used, lessons learned, and implementation suggestions. Learn more.
  • Special Trainings – On special request, SOIL will prepare and deliver trainings tailored to the needs of your organization, group, or project. Learn more.
  • SOIL Site Tours – Sometimes it’s easiest to get started on a new project after you see an example in action. Sign up here and we’ll try to arrange a tour for you or your group.