SOIL Workshops

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SOIL provides three types of workshops to share our knowledge and experience with others:

EcoSan Workshop Series

Open to the public, SOIL’s EcoSan workshops provide a thorough introduction to people who want to learn more about ecological sanitation, particularly those who are interested in implementing it in their communities. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to be notified when we schedule our next training.

Specialized Trainings

A variety of local and international NGOs have contracted with SOIL to provide specialized trainings related to ecological sanitation, disaster risk management, and other relevant topics.  Please see our consultancy page for additional information.

Sustainable Sanitation Conference

SOIL, in partnership with UNICEF, hosted Sustainable Sanitation Conference in Haiti in 2012. Over 150 people from over 55 groups, organizations and government ministries attended the conference, which sought to increase collaboration among implementers for more effective, efficient and sustainable sanitation for people in Haiti.

Want to learn more?

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