SAKALA Field trip to Compost Site


Last Sunday 12 young women from Cite Soleil visited the SOIL compost site in Pernier.  The young women were from a local organization called SAKALA (supported by Pax Christi Haiti) which works on community development and conflict prevention in Cite Soleil.  SOIL has been working with SAKALA for the past 2 years on ecological sanitation and we currently have 20 toilets in the Cite Lumiere neighborhood of Cite Soleil where SAKALA is active.


SOIL's temporary toilets at SAKALA, these will be replaced with a permanent ecosan toilet in the coming weeks.

SAKALA has recently started an amazing community garden called Tap Tap Garden with the support of Bochika, a Florida based organization that works closely with SOIL.  Given their experience with ecological sanitation, SAKALA purchased 15 bags of compost from SOIL to use to start the garden, completing the cycle of transforming human wastes into useable resources.

Planting trees with SOIL compost

SOIL was honored to be able to host these 12 young women from SAKALA at our compost site last Sunday where they were able to learn about the composting process.  The group returned from the trip inspired and have since requested a composting site in their neighborhood to allow them to compost their own wastes for use in the community garden.

The garden will be inaugurated in January and SOIL looks forward to updating our supporters after the event.  We are incredibly grateful to SAKALA and our other partner organizations for helping us to demonstrate sustainable resource use in a way that benefits vulnerable communities.

Tap Tap garden an avan!

Week 2 and already looking beautiful

Father Gerry would be so proud, we miss you Pere Jean Juste.


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  • Ann Marie
    December 30, 2011 (6:43 pm)

    Awesome update, thanks for posting Sasha! Bochika is so happy to be working with SOIL on the amazing Tap Tap Garden – see you January 22, for the inauguration! -Ann Marie

  • Marcia Vermaire
    December 30, 2011 (10:52 pm)

    It is so exciting to me to see this being done. I have been going to Haiti for over 30 years and have been so discouraged by the waste–and lack of dealing with it. Some of our work has been done on La Gonave where the soil is so rocky in some places. Have you done anything out there? I know the Starfysh organization would be interested in what you are doing.

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