Replace the Poopmobile!

Our beloved Poopmobile has died after 3 years of transporting drums from the Port-au-Prince tent camps to the SOIL compost site, and we are not able to fix it. We have spent the last 2 weeks using our 2 pickups to transport 300 drums per week, but this means we have had to suspend other operations and it is taking a real toll on the pickups, which are not built for such heavy loads. We desperately need to buy a new truck, but the $35,000 price tag is outside of our current budget.

More than 5,000 people living in tent cities around Port-au-Prince currently depend on the SOIL Poopmobile to pick up their full toilet drums and deliver them to the SOIL compost site for safe treatment and transformation into rich, organic compost. Can you help us continue to provide critical sanitation services in Port-au-Prince? There are over 4,000 people on the SOIL email list. If 700 of you give $50 each, we’ll have raised the $35,000 we need and we’ll soon be rumbling through the capital city picking up SOIL toilet drums with a new Poopmobile.

The first $35,000 we receive from today, May 20th, on will be directed towards the purchase of a new SOIL Poopmobile. The next $450 after we reach our $35,000 goal will be used to pay Haitian artists to paint Poopmobile II in fitting glory to commerate Poopmobile I.

(Every little bit helps! We can also make our goal if 1,400 people give $25 each. Please help us share this emergency appeal widely.)

May 25, 2013 Update: We did it! Thank you to our dear friends, colleagues and fellow ecological sanitation fanatics around the world who came together to replace the SOIL Poopmobile! Please join us on Facebook and Twitter (using the links to the right) to keep getting the latest updates as the new SOIL Poopmobile starts making the rounds.

Contribute to the Poopmobile Fund Today!

We’ve taken down this donation form because we reached our goal and the new SOIL Poopmobile is here! To sign up for a regular or recurring donation to support SOIL’s work in Haiti please visit our Donate page.

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