SOCIETY Magazine: Completing the Poop Loop

“There is no such thing as waste; every molecule, every organism is valuable, even excrement.” – Sasha Kramer

As part of a reporting program devoted supporting innovative development journalists, Grégoire Belhoste and William Thorp spent time with SOIL at our Port-au-Prince facility last year to better understand the history and process of SOIL’s regenerative urban sanitation service.

The beautiful feature piece in Society Magazine explores SOIL’s history, the “poop loop” cycle, and why we believe that sanitation is a human right. Baudelaire Magloire told Society Magazine that, “we all deserve sanitation. Sanitation does not only concern a small group of people, it is everyone’s duty.”

SOIL’s in-home composting toilets help provide critical access to lifesaving sanitation while simultaneously restoring ecosystems, combatting climate change, and improving livelihoods for the people of Haiti. To learn more about how, click here to explore the full Society Magazine article. Be sure to scroll the beautiful pictures in the article and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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