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Monthly giving enables SOIL to be a constant and positive presence in the Haitian communities where we work.

10 for 10

SOIL will be celebrating 10 years of working in Haiti in July 2016. In honor of SOIL’s approaching anniversary, we have received a special grant to encourage YOU to give monthly, and to help SOIL reach at least $10,000 in guaranteed monthly giving revenues for our 10-year anniversary!

This grant will match new and increased monthly donations – so your donation of $5 a month becomes $10 per month, or $50 becomes $100 per month – doubling your impact through January 31, 2018!

Help us plant our field!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.10.23 PM(1 plant for every $1k pledged!)

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Sign up for a monthly donation today of any amount and your donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, monthly through January 31, 2018!

6 -  Collection in Shada 4 (VH)


  supports the weekly EkoLakay toilet service

Give monthly

150212 CAP (Milot) hht  GCC Benefs women BEST


  builds a SOIL EkoLakay toilet for a family

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150311 CAP ag SREDD garden xpr beets harvest intern women 2


  sponsors a monthly agricultural internship

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130606 Shada Kids

 Any amount

  helps SOIL have a sustainable impact in Haiti

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  • Receive a quarterly impact report on how monthly donor funds were spent and what outcomes were achieved.
  • Notices about special SOIL events in your area.
  • Knowledge that your sustaining donation to SOIL has an outsized positive impact on our ability to build lasting solutions in Haiti.

Thank You To Our Current SOIL Cultivators*

Angel Alcala
Ashley Allison
Andrew Bakonyi
Lee Beatty
James Benzoni
Ethan Bodnaruk
Stephen Brown
Richard Brunette
Sean Butler
Paul Campbell
Carlos Carrillo
Cynthia Casey
Carolyn Chan
Deborah Chan
Grace Chen
Rex Cowan
Sarah Daniels
Mike and Bonnie DelBalzo
Woody Deryckx
MarBeth Dunn
David Earnshaw
Steven and Cathy Ellenbogen
Janine Fierberg
Therese Francisco
Elizabeth Fraser
Jacques Fritzmont
Francois Furstenburg
Peter Gellatly
Erinn Gilson
Therese Gosen
Patricia Grossmann
Peter Hallward
Betsy Hawes
Rene Hashay
Peter Hegedus
Vic Hinterlang

Andrew Hudson
Janet Irwin
Scott Iwashyna
Karen Jain
Patrice Jean
Emily Johnston
Kris Kaul
Brenda Kayne
Erin Kearns
Rebecca King
Stephanie Klaus
Barbara Knapp
Barry Kramer
Jeff and Pat Kramer
Sasha Kramer
Nicky Leeborg
Sally Lehr
Hilary Lewis
Anne Louis
Michael Mankin
Matt Mellon
Annie Michaelis
Jackoline Milne
Dunstan Morey
Mathilde Mouw
Brooke Moyers
Rael Nidess
Nancy Nyberg
Leah Nevada Page
Sheila Pearson
Sandra Penn
Lili Perski
Julia Piaskowski
Chris Picone
Clara and Seth Pincus
Roger Pope
Sandy Rabinowitz
Chris and Kerrie Rafalik
Tana Reynolds
Dell Rhodes
Marsha Richins
Savita Ries
Johanna Robertson
Mark Sanders
Elaine Scott
Richard Sheresh
Cissy Sims
John Sloan
Barry Smith
Ian Smith
Treasa Smith
Allegra Snyder
Steve Stein
Judith Straub
Paul and Amy Sutherland
Markus Thiel
Kathleen Miller Thomas
Warren Tipton
Joshua Toteson
Chris van Hasselt
Jamie Washam
Stephen Weintraub and Donna Sinetar
Alan Yelvington
Eli Yewdall
Anne Young
David Zalatimo
and several Anonymous friends.

*Last updated 22 September 2015

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