Fundraise for SOIL

You don’t have to dress up as a toilet to fundraise for SOIL but it can help! Huge shout out to Dr. Salena Brody and the Collin College Social Justice Club for the creative use of costumes at their SOIL fundraiser!

One of the best ways to support SOIL’s work in Haiti is to hold a fundraiser. SOIL depends on donations, and we need your help reaching out to people who want to support positive, sustainable development in this beautiful country.

Fundraise online – SOIL can help you set up a customized online fundraiser for you to share with friends and family. Please email us at and we will get you set up with your very own online fundraiser page to share with all your contacts!

Fundraise at an event – SOIL supporters around the world have used special events like piano recitals, bike rides, and samba sessions to raise money for SOIL. Check out these past SOIL fundraisers to get inspired, and send us an email at to get support for your own fundraiser. We look forward to hearing from you!