SOIL Guide to EcoSan

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The SOIL Guide to EcoSan

Section 1 – Intro PDF

Section 2 – Toilets PDF

Section 3 – Compost PDF

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Gid SOIL la pou
Asenisman Ekolojik

Seksyon 1 – Intro PDF

Seksyon 2 – Twalet Yo PDF – Pati Teorik

Seksyon 3 – Twalet Yo PDF – Pati Pratik

Seksyon 4 – Kompostaj PDF

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SOIL Household ToiletWe’re hard at work on the Spanish translation. Please let us know if you’d like to be added to the waitlist.

Estamos trabajando en la traducción de la guía en español ahora. Por favor, díganos si desea que te enviemos un correo electrónico cuando esté listo.
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Nick Preneta demonstrates a SOIL EcoSan household toilet.

SOIL's Deputy Director, Nick Preneta, demonstrates how much cooler a SOIL EcoSan household toilet is than the regular old flush toilet (on right).

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