SOIL in Port-au-Prince

Following the earthquake, SOIL has extended operations to Port-au-Prince and begun a new project with OXFAM GB to pilot ecological sanitation in emergency settings. This project will accomplish the construction and installation of 150 toilets in small IDP (internally displaced persons) camps throughout the city, the establishment of a compost facility in Port-au-Prince, and the training of 100 masons to build urine diversion (UD) toilets.
We have been hard at work setting up operations in PAP and have been so proud of the reactions, adoption, and results thus far!
•    As of June 15, 2010, we have installed 44 urine diversion toilets and 16 arborloos and composting toilets accessible to children and handicapped persons.
•    Our toilets are scattered throughout the city in 15 neighborhoods including Delmas 33, Nazon, Jake Toto, Bwa Grifen, Delmas 3, Karade, and Cite Soleil.
•    We are clearing the land for our pilot compost site and expect to begin work there by June 21. In addition to this primary facility, we have started 2 smaller compost bins in Delmas 33 and Cite Soleil, where composting of the toilet materials (poop!) has begun.
•    We have trained 53 masons to build UD toilets, and have also trained 12 people to set up and maintain a compost site!
We are continually inspired by the dedication and perseverance of the communities in which we work, as they take pride and ownership in their new toilets, and the rebuilding of their lives. We are proud to partner with such folks and look forward to the work ahead of us as we continue to demonstrate the benefits of ecological sanitation!

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