SOIL’s Northern Haiti Site Is A Growing Tourist Attraction

Glory in the shade of beautiful trees and lush greenery! Wander over to check out the “Red Zone!” (but don’t wander into the “Red Zone” because you’ll have to disinfect the soles of your shoes afterwards). Behold the the wonder and mystery of the “Natural Water Purification Act!” And don’t forget to take a ride on the PoopMobile before you exit the “park” (And by park, we mean waste treatment site). Do all this and much more at SOIL’s waste treatment site, Mouchinette, in northern Haiti, one of the region’s most exciting (and unexpected) tourist attractions!Mouchinette

We’ll admit, we’re still working on our marketing for “SOIL-Land,” one of the new names we’re considering for Mouchinette, given it’s newfound amusement park-level popularity. This is because our humble waste treatment site is fast becoming one of Northern Haiti’s most-visited tourist attractions. In one month alone, we welcomed a whopping 227 visitors to tour the site!

Our visitors included university students and professors from Université Notre Dame d’Haiti and the Université Antenor Firmin, as well as representatives of local organizations. We’ve received a significant increase in internship requests since these visits, which we take as a wonderful sign that Haiti’s best and brightest are interested in ecological sanitation. And we hope you’ll stop by and visit us, too!

Taking a trip to Haiti soon? Don’t forget to check out SOIL-land, the North’s hottest waste-treatment theme park!Mouchinette

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