SOIL Letters: Thank You So Much to SOIL, to All of The Volunteers, and to Everyone Working to Make Haiti a Better Place

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March 27, 2013

To whom it may concern:

I first want to start this letter by saying thank you. Thank you so much to SOIL, to all of the volunteers, and to everyone working to make Haiti a better place for people to live. Thank you for all the work that you do to save lives and promote a green, healthy life style in a country where most of the hope has been lost. Thank you for inspiring me to do more and think big!

I am passionate about protecting the environment, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine any other communities other than my own, let alone how bad the conditions of other countries are. Reading about Haiti and what your organization is doing really helped open my eyes to issues around the world, not just at home. It is important to start small and promote protecting the environment locally, but learning about countries such as Haiti and how dedicated organizations like SOIL as well as the people in the country are in cleaning up and protecting the environment can really make an impact on people’s views. I was very inspired to make a difference, but not only in my community.

The coolest thing that I’ve read that your organization is doing is the implementation of the EcoSan toilets. It is awesome to be able to take waste and use it to provide fertilization to hep rebuild the environment. Recycling waste is something that many people do not partake in, but SOIL is proving to people how beneficial it actually is.

In doing research about the environmental degradation in Haiti and reading about your organization, i’ve learned not to take for granted much of what I have where I live.

Thank you again for all that you do to allow people to live healthy lives, rebuild and conserve the environment in Haiti. I plan to continue to research Haiti and do my part in helping the country of Haiti and the people there.

Joe Freedman


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