SOIL Logo Crosses the Globe

As we shared a few months ago, SOIL friends and supporters Drew and Scott Gurian have spent the past twelve weeks accomplishing an impressive and unique feat: driving 11,000 miles through 19 countries in a tiny car. They were participating in an annual event called the Mongol Rally, and at SOIL we were honored to journey with them on the side of that very tiny car. The Gurian brothers were rallying not just for the adventure, but also to show their support for SOIL and fundraise along the way. Check out their podcast about why they chose to support SOIL, and listen to other episodes to learn more about their adventures during the Mongol Rally.

Last week Scott and Drew crossed the finish line, but their adventure isn’t over yet! Help them rally some additional support to continue surpassing their fundraising goals.

Mongolian outhouse

Check out this outhouse in Mongolia!

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