SOIL Offers Food Canteen for Employees

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SOIL was founded in the spirit of service; service to the Haitian people and service to our planet. To this day, SOIL makes an effort to offer our services in any viable way that we can to support our staff and the communities we serve. Whether providing mobile toilets at public events in Cap-Haitien or coordinating emergency relief efforts, we’re always ready to support our fellow Haitian brothers and sisters, and during these economically challenging times is no different. Around the world, inflation rates are at an all-time high, this is particularly true in Haiti where inflation is consistently above 15% making the cost of everyday food items increasingly expensive for low-income populations without any social safety nets. The implications of this inflation, as with any other crisis, are felt hardest by vulnerable communities, like those we serve in Haiti.  

As a way to support our staff during this difficult time, SOIL started its own canteen service in January offering a subsidized meal purchase. Due to inflation, a regular hot meal that used to cost 150 HTG ($1.40USD) is now 250 HTG ($2.40USD). According to SOIL’s Senior Manager, Romel Toussaint, because of the inflation, it has become difficult for our staff to afford a hot meal while working, and often they will wait until they get home to eat.

Prepared meal offered through SOIL’s canteen.

The most recent World Bank numbers from 2020 show that Haiti’s GDP per capita is $1,272, the lowest in the Western Hemisphere. With decreasing purchasing power, the economic crisis in Haiti is impacting all facets of daily life and we are committed to supporting our staff during these difficult times.

With the new canteen option, SOIL has partnered with a local woman that sells meals in the area by SOIL’s office. SOIL staff only pay 50% of the cost of the meal and SOIL pays the remaining 50%. The service includes a hot meal and drink.  According to Toussaint, “the staff are really happy and thankful for this program,” and SOIL is proud to be able to provide this service for our staff.

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  • John Gooch
    April 15, 2022 (5:54 pm)

    I was surprised to not find a soil farming to SOIL Canteen more direct connection,
    to skirt round the inflation haggle troubles ?

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