SOIL Participates in First-Ever National Interscholastic Puzzle Competition in Haiti

SOIL’s mobile toilets at the event in Cap-Haitien.

The SOIL team loves to be a part of a problem-solving mission. However, we were introduced to an entirely new puzzling experience earlier this month with the first ever National Interscholastic Puzzle Competition in Cap-Haitien! Alas, they would not let us compete, because they said we were too old, but we did get to provide the sanitation facilities!

Haiti Puzzle event hosted at the Citadelle Laferrière.

SOIL has recently started renting out mobile toilets at local events around Cap-Haitien as a new way to diversify our revenue stream and provide much needed on-site sanitation to these events. As we previously highlighted in May, SOIL’s EkoLakay waterless mobile toilets were lined on the boulevard during the festive May Day celebrations and agriculture fair in Cap-Haitien. In addition to providing a dignified sanitation option for public use, our mobile toilets also showcase the practical benefits of our service: no running water required, safely managed waste and a compost end product! We were thrilled to be able to have another opportunity to provide our services at the National Interscholastic Puzzle Competition, and we had a blast!

Kids participating at the Interscholastic Puzzle Competition hosted by Haiti Puzzle earlier this month.

The event, which took place at Citadelle Laferrière in northern Haiti, the largest fortress in the Americas and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was hosted by Haiti Puzzle, a game/toy company that designs puzzles that “capture the best of Haiti.” The company has a range of different puzzles featuring various Haitian figures and monuments, such as Catherine Flon and Palais Sans Souci. The puzzles, which are created for school aged children, are designed to teach kids Haitian history, while also invoking a sense of pride in Haitian culture and heritage. The SOIL team is always looking for opportunities to celebrate Haiti; it’s beauty, rich culture, and the strength and perseverance of its people, and we are proud to partner with Haiti Puzzle to provide sanitation for this event – in such a beautiful place! We hope to be back next year!

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