SOIL Participates in Water and Sanitation Forum in Cap-Haitien

Participants at the Water and Sanitation Sectorial Forum

SOIL is pleased to have been a part of a new Water and Sanitation Sectorial Forum, focused on the northern region of Haiti, that convened for its inaugural session earlier this month. The goal of the forum is to strengthen consultation between local actors working in the areas of solid waste management, drinking water and sanitation, in order to support one another in the planning of interventions, increase the efficiency of resources mobilized, and encourage the participation of the local population around ongoing projects. These discussions signify a move towards much needed and greater collaboration in the WASH sector in Haiti. 

In recent years, the city of Cap-Haitien and the northern region of Haiti have received a wave of migration of populations from other departments of the country, largely due to ongoing insecurity in Port au Prince and surrounding area.  The population increase in the north has put a strain on the already limited resources and aggravated the deficiencies of local public infrastructure and basic social services, such as roads, electricity, solid waste collection, water supply, drinking water and sanitation. 

The new sanitation sectoral coordination has outlined the specific objectives of the group as: 

  • To organize a formal space for communication and exchange of information and good practices 
  • To map the main projects and programs underway in the target sectors
  • To share and disseminate relevant information and data, to facilitate decision-making and the coordination of actions relating to the management of solid waste, drinking water and sanitation 

SOIL’s Romel Toussaint and Laurence (Keurlit) Charles presented to the group of key actors, highlighting SOIL’s EkoLakay activities for the provision of household sanitation in the neighborhoods of Cap-Haitien.

At SOIL, we understand the power of teamwork and are always seeking to collaborate with local stakeholders who provide valuable input and strategic cooperation as we all work towards the common goal of providing safe, affordable sanitation to the people of Haiti. 

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