SOIL Stays Vigilant as News Breaks That Cholera Has Reached Port-au-Prince

The worst case scenario has happened – cholera has arrived in Port-au-Prince – and SOIL is continuing to do everything possible to limit the spread of the disease, to provide safe sanitation services, and to keep people informed on the best methods to prevent and treat it. SOIL’s “Ajan Prevansyon” / Cholera Prevention Agents, having gone to every tent in every camp where SOIL works, are beginning to spread out to reach communities where information on the prevention and treatment of cholera has not yet been disseminated.

Sadly, this is not a short term problem. The Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) says it expects tens of thousands more to catch cholera in the next few years as the majority of people in Haiti have no access to a toilet and the toilets that do exist almost always directly discharge, untreated, into the ground water.

Thank you for staying strong with us as we continue to work on building low-cost, sustainable and effective sanitation systems that can help combat this devastating disease.

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