SOIL’S EkoMobil Toilets Provide Sanitation Services at Boulva Naval

Photo Credit: Sakapfet OKAP

On February 5th, 12th and 18th the second annual Boulva Naval festivities took place on the boulevard du Cap-Haïtien with the theme: A City, A Youth, A Culture and created an atmosphere of celebration in the city. The event included parades of dancers, acrobats, walking bands and a float carrying a DJ. As Haiti continues battling crisis after crisis — including ongoing insecurity in Port-au-Prince — and the national Kanaval being canceled again this year, residents of cities across Haiti kicked off local carnivals over the past month, eager for a chance to escape from the hardships and stresses they face daily.

During Boulva Naval, SOIL’s EkoMobil toilets were set up along the boulevard for public use and showcased the practical benefits of our service: no running water required, safely managed waste and a compost end product. SOIL’s mobile toilets, similar to our household toilets, use ecological sanitation to process waste and produce compost, ensuring safe management and treatment of waste. The toilets are much better for the environment than traditional port-a-potties, which use harsh chemicals and are not emptied in safe waste treatment facilities in Haiti. In just a few months from now, we can anticipate a fresh batch of Boula Kaval 2022 compost that’ll help support agriculture in Haiti!

Boulva Naval is a youth initiative launched in Cap-Haitien by a SOIL friend and one of our Special Advisory Board members, Angie Bell. The event is organized with the idea of maintaining and highlighting Haitian cultural heritage, especially with the inclusion of troops and costumes in the Kanaval parade in the North. The Boulva Naval celebration preceded Cap-Haitien’s annual Kanaval celebration this year. 

We’re thrilled that SOIL was able to play a part in this year’s Boulva Naval celebrations which brought a well-deserved moment of peace, respite and happiness to Cap-Haitien. In the coming year, SOIL plans to continue to work with local partners and authorities to ensure that safely managed sanitation continues to be provided during public events to support healthy communities.  


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