SOIL's Poopmobile Gets a Paint Job!

Several times a week SOIL driver Clotes Alexandre starts up the large flatbed truck parked outside the front door of the office and rumbles out into the streets of Port-au-Prince. With the help of SOIL’s Drum Collection Team, Davidson Ulysses and Herby Sanon, Clotes works his way through urban neighborhoods and tent cities, collecting the 15 gallon drums used in SOIL’s ecological toilets and driving them out to a SOIL composting site where the drums are then dumped and cleaned and readied for redistribution on the next trip.

Thanks to a donation from the Rattray Kimura Foundation, SOIL recently transformed this truck, aka “The Poopmobile” into a vibrant celebration of environmental awareness. The back of the truck now reads “Pwoteje anviwonman an se pwoteje tet ou” / “Protect the environment and you are protecting yourself” and “Chanjman tout bon an komanse nan mwen avan” / “Change begins with me”.

The SOIL Poopmobile in the early days.

Davidson Ulysses of SOIL's Drum Collection Team shows off the newly painted Poopmobile.

Check out The Poopmobile in all its glory on SOIL’s Flickr site.

2 Replies to "SOIL's Poopmobile Gets a Paint Job!"

  • TrishInCyberspace
    November 8, 2011 (12:34 pm)

    That’s the most beautiful septage transporter that I have ever seen in all my years as a sanitation engineer

  • SOIL
    November 8, 2011 (4:07 pm)

    We love you Trish for always being so supportive and vigilant.

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