“Solar Solar Everywhere, And We’ve Even Got Some to Spare….”

….For all of our activities, that is. Our exciting news to share is that both of our Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien offices will soon be fully functioning on solar power.

It was only very recently with the expansion of our projects that we noticed our power situation just wasn’t cutting it. In Port-au-Prince, city utilities are unreliable, which meant we were running the generator all the time to power our laptops and office appliances. We hated contributing to carbon emissions, and we also hated hearing the loud generator motor at work.

In Cap-Haitien, we already had a small solar system that was initially installed when we built the office, but it, too was struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of our programs.

Fortunately, some of our partners stepped up to help SOIL deal with our power needs. Thanks to a generous donation from the Meyer Esther Mazor Foundation, a 3-Kw solar system was installed in our Port-au-Prince office in September. This system covers all of our needs and has made our lives so much easier! The other great news is that NRG has recently awarded us a huge 20-Kw solar grant for our Cap-Haitien office to both augment our capacity at the office and install a new system at our compost site. We are thrilled!

We are very grateful for these generous donations like these, and thrilled that they are enabling us to work with local Haitian solar panel companies, Enersa Haiti in Port-au-Prince and DigiKap in Cap-Haitien, to install and maintain the systems (we hope for many years to come)! Power on!


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1 Reply to "“Solar Solar Everywhere, And We’ve Even Got Some to Spare….”"

  • Sandrine
    February 16, 2016 (5:39 pm)

    Felicitations! Tres bien fait! Je suis tres fiere de vos oeuvres. L’union fait la force!

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