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After nearly 10 months working at SOIL, I can tell you that there are many, many wonderful things about my fellow employees. They are deeply committed to advancing SOIL’s mission and doing their jobs well. They see each other not just as co-workers, but as a family. So it may come as no surprise that our employees are always looking for ways to further their education and professional growth – and when they find opportunities, SOIL is more than happy to support them.

From ensuring that all of our employees can read and write, to supporting staff finishing their high school and college educations; from teaching classes on Excel spreadsheets, to providing group English lessons; from helping employees access specialized training in a DNA lab in California to sending them to Cuba for permaculture training, we seek to equip our employees with knowledge and skills that will help them succeed not only with SOIL,  but for the rest of their lives.

A few employees recently shared their experiences about how SOIL has helped in their professional development:

Bobo shows off his certificate from his recently completed Project Management course.

Bobo shows off his certificate from his recently completed Project Management course.

Sanitation Director Baudeler “Bobo” Magloire:

“I’ve been with SOIL since its founding in 2006, and the organization has always sought to strengthen and develop my skills and abilities. SOIL has arranged for me to attend conferences, a project management course, and a 48-hour design workshop. Because SOIL has invested in me, my skills have improved tremendously. SOIL continues to help me make the most out of every opportunity presented to me – in and out of the country – so that I can continue to grow. SOIL has truly helped me reach my full capabilities, and I hope to return this support through continuing to work for this incredible organization.”

Agriculture team member (and future Agronomist!) Wisnel Jolissaint, pictured at top:

“SOIL helped me go back to school  – that is to say, they’re helping to pay my tuition. Recently I just finished my Baccalaureate I exams, but I haven’t gotten my results yet. I hope that they will be okay! I’m so grateful to SOIL for the enormous support they’ve given me.”

Fred after graduation from his Logistics course

Fred after graduation from his Logistics course

Logistics Coordinator Fred Doll:

“When I was promoted, SOIL wanted to be sure I had the skills I needed to do the job, so this spring I took a 3-month Logistics course. The course covered managing supplies, buying and selling products, transportation, liability, managing stock, and more. The course helped me a lot, and now I know much more about Logistics. Thank you SOIL!”

We’re so proud of what our employees have achieved, and we’re proud to support them as they continue on in their personal development.


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