Students enjoy the SOIL Oasis in Port-au-Prince

This week, we’re mixing it up with a guest post by Gina Wymore, who recently reached out to SOIL to arrange a field trip for a group of students who live nearby the SOIL office.  Take it away Gina!

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of touring the SOIL organization with some students from the Have Faith Haiti Mission. As part of our summer program, students are learning about recycling, compost, gardening, and being environmentally conscious. They were intrigued that waste could be reused in a beneficial way. This meant SOIL would make for a great addition to our studies.

Student visitors at SOIL

Jimmy shows the visitors where we grind sugarcane bagasse and peanut shells to make our cover material.

We were warmly welcomed by Jimmy when we arrived with our group. He introduced the students to the idea of ecological sanitation. Our students were able to examine the specialized toilets that enable waste to be reused. They learned how waste and compost positively effects soil and plant growth. We were able to tour the garden which was a drastically different plant oasis compared to the streets of Haiti. Students saw the equipment used in the process of reusing waste, toilets being made, and compost that resulted in the hard work. The SOIL employees patiently answered the many thought provoking questions from our fascinated students. I am now bombarded with interest in starting our own garden, purchasing their toilets, and returning for future visits! I would highly recommended purchasing your own compost from this amazing organization or visiting with students of your own.

Thanks, Gina! We truly enjoy teaching about Ecological Sanitation! If you’d like to bring a group to visit SOIL, please visit this page to sign up.

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  • Chris Canaday
    October 13, 2016 (12:09 pm)

    Please check the links. The link to the conference in Sweden took me to this article. Keep up the good work.

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