Support SOIL by Gifting EcoSan Calendars and Greeting Cards

The 2012 SOIL calendar follows the EcoSan cycle, featuring gorgeous photos of the elements of EcoSan – people, toilets, compost and agriculture. As in the past, we kindly ask our friends and supporters purchase a pack of ten calendars at a discounted rate of $150 for ten, and then resell or give them to friends and family. This greatly reduces our shipping costs, thereby increasing the funds raised via calendar sales. The calendars are $20 each when purchased individually and we believe they are well worth the cost.

We also have beautiful 8-packs of greeting cards with photos taken by our visitors and volunteers of happy children participating in SOIL projects. Card packs are $16 + $4 s/h.

Both the calendars and cards were printed on high post-consumer content 100% recycled paper using only low-impact soy and vegetable based inks and were put together by professional graphic designers who volunteered their services to help SOIL fundraise for a compost-filled 2012. Thank you to everyone involved!

Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

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