Support SOIL’s Growth & Help Us Grind More Bonzodè

SOIL’s current grinders and bonzodè production.

As Haiti’s capital and surrounding areas continue to be gripped by ongoing insecurity and unrest, our hearts and minds have been heavy with thoughts of the families who are leaving their homes and the city, hoping to find respite from the turmoil. In these troublesome times, when so many Haitians are experiencing hardships that many of us can barely begin to imagine, we here at SOIL remain evermore committed to standing in solidarity with our Haitian colleagues and friends. We start from the supposition that access to improved sanitation is a fundamental human right and dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of as many people as we can with our toilets and sanitation service.

During this difficult time it is vital that we continue to expand basic services to reach even more vulnerable households. As with any service, with growth comes additional supply needs to accommodate demand. In the case of SOIL’s service, this includes the need to increase our production of bonzodè, the carbon cover material that serves as the “flush” in SOIL’s waterless toilets. SOIL’s bonzodè is made by shredding the husks of sugarcane (a local waste product of factories that use sugarcane to produce alcohol) into a finer product for household toilet use that serves to begin the composting process and neutralize odors. Our current grinder equipment that we use to break down the sugarcane has reached production capacity–limiting our ability to bring more households on to the service until we are able to produce significantly more bonzodè material with larger equipment to meet our growth needs.

We are thrilled that we are reaching new levels of growth, but we need your help! We have launched a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $50,000 towards the purchase of a larger and more efficient grinder that will increase our capacity to process sugarcane and, in turn, make it possible to keep up with the increasing demand for our EkoLakay toilets and service. 

Your support is critical as we work to cultivate a more resilient future for vulnerable communities at a time when Haitians are battling crisis after crisis.

Please consider a donation today! Support SOIL and our Grinder Fundraiser

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