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Theo Talks Episode 9: Loading Bunnies and Bobcats

Lots of adventures in EcoSan this week with your favorite SOIL Regional Director Theo Huitema. Theo was on the move, traveling from Cap-Haitien to Port-au-Prince so that he could pick up a newly acquired Bobcat skid-steer loader for the SOIL Farm in Limonade. The first video is a hilarious chronicle of the team's efforts to load the Bobcat (or, as Theo calls it "the Bobbycat") into the back of the Cap-Haitien baskil (truck). In the spirit of fair trades, Theo brought a wonderful surprise for the SOIL Port-au-Prince office in exchange for the Bobcat: another rabbit! In classic SOIL fashion, Theo loaded the bunny into a household toilet for the long ...

SOIL EcoSan Toilets Provide Sanitation Services for Haiti's National Carnival

This year Cap-Haitien was chosen to host Haiti’s National Carnival and we’re all still recovering from a beautiful week of dancing and music. The city saw an influx of over one million people: hotels were fully booked months ago, new ones were being built overnight, friends were pulling out extra bedding and sleep mats, and tents were popping up all over the city. But even in the midst of Haiti’s biggest party, SOIL was focusing on sanitation! Through collaboration with the city and the Haitian government ministry for sanitation (Direction Nationale de l'Eau Potable et de l'Assainissement or DINEPA), SOIL built 10 mobile ecological sanitation ...

Theo Talks Episode 7: Theo Talks Return!

After a little winter hibernation, the Theo Talks series is back in full swing, and we have a couple of different offerings for you this week. As you may have read, the SOIL Farm in Cap-Haitien is now operating on 100% solar power, a very exciting improvement to our operations in Limonade. Join SOIL's charismatic Regional Director Theo for a tour of the new facilities, and learn more about the site's new capabilities with Theo's unique storytelling aplomb. And as a special treat for you, we've also posted a video about SOIL's neighborhood bovine contingent: a mama cow showing her little heifer some affection. Enjoy, and check out our Youtube Channel ...

An update from our partners at Re.Source

As many of you know, the Household Toilet Project is now in full swing, with 150 families in Shada, Cap-Haitien, using their beautiful household toilets on a daily basis. SOIL's partner organization Re.Source is in the process of checking back in with everyone in Shada to gather information about how people are feeling about the toilets. Here's an excerpt from their latest blog post: "The work doesn’t end when you install the toilets. That’s when it begins. Since deploying our toilets in November, we’ve been working closely with our friends at SOIL to refine the collection service, to make it faster, more convenient, and more enjoyable for our ...

Theo Talks: Guest Edition!

A special guest edition of the classic Theo Talks! Although our irreplaceable Regional Director Theo is out of town, the Theo Talks go on! Anthony Kilbride, SOIL's longtime friend and "First Husband," was channeling Theo on a recent trip to Cap-Haitien and decided to put together a little video in his honor and style. While we can't wait for Theo to get back, the video did give everyone at SOIL the giggles, so we wanted to share it with all of our friends. So without further ado, a special Guest Edition of the Theo Talks! Check out the full Theo Talks series here.

Theo Talks Episode 4: Raising Cholera Awareness with Madanm Bwa

Join Regional Director Theo on his latest Adventure in EcoSan as he journeys through the streets of Shada with longtime SOIL friend and community activist Madanm Bwa, raising awareness about the risks of cholera and methods to prevent its transmission. The message that Madanm Bwa brings is especially important in the wake of so much flooding in Northern Haiti, raising the risks of contracting cholera, and making prevention even more difficult. Check out the video below! Check out the full Theo Talks series.

Tèt Chaje! Lapli A Poko Jamn Fin Tonbe. Our Hearts Are Broken. The Rain Doesn't Stop.

Today was a sunny day in Port-au-Prince and the SOIL office there celebrated the arrival of new office chickens, but the rains kept pouring down in northern Haiti and Cap-Haitien's streets are flooding. Due to poor internet connection it took us most of the day to get these photos and videos uploaded. A Shada visit revealed flooded walkways, houses, and a lot of people bucketing water out of places where it shouldn't be. The adjacent river was higher than we have ever seen it, even making it's way to doorsteps across the way. Theo Huitema, our dear Regional Director, asks the world to please take note of the conditions in Cap-Haitien and pray for ...

Bringing the Toilets Home

Written by our friends at re.source – a start-up team based out of Stanford University, funded by a Grand Challenges Explorations Phase 1 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The re.source team is partnering with SOIL to help design an improved household EcoSan toilet and a social business model for providing household sanitation in urban slums. See other blog posts by the re.source team here. We’re launching! We installed 25 toilets in Shada on October 30th, reaching a milestone we’ve been working toward for more than a year. It marks the culmination of many hours of design, prototyping, community meetings, surveying, training, ...

Theo Talks Episode 3: Sexing the Fish

Join SOIL's Regional Director, Theo Huitema, on another adventure in EcoSan. In Theo Talks Episode 3, you'll see SOIL's Job Etienne, Nick Preneta and Sasha Kramer attempting to "sex" fish. In the background you'll see Theo's house, made out of a former compost bin, at the SOIL farm and tree nursery in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. We're still looking for a name for this beautiful site and we need you help. Enter a name suggestion in the Name the SOIL Tree Nursery and Farm Contest and you'll have a chance to win some great SOIL prizes! Check out the full Theo Talks series.

Theo Talks Episode 2: Cultivating Zaboka

Join SOIL's Regional Director, Theo Huitema, on another adventure in EcoSan. In Theo Talks Episode 2, Theo gives a short, enjoyable tour of the young tree seedlings being cultivated at the SOIL nursery in Cap-Haitien. And speaking of the tree nursery... we need a new name for this nursery and we'd love to hear your suggestions! Enter a name suggestion in the SOIL Name the Tree Nursery Contest here and you might just win a SOIL 2013 calendar. Check out the full Theo Talks series.