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World Toilet Day: Valuing Container-based Sanitation

SOIL team installing EkoLakay toilet for client in Cap-Haitien.  In celebration of World Toilet Day, we wanted to dive into this year’s theme: Valuing Toilets, and take a look at how container-based toilets can play a catalytic role in expanding access to sanitation and the myriad of positive benefits they can bring to a community. SOIL launched the first container-based toilet in 2006 in Haiti, and since then a number of organizations around the world have launched their own container-based toilet services to address the lack of access to improved sanitation and meet the needs of vulnerable populations.   What is container-based sanitation? ...

SOIL and CBSA Study: Comparing Costs of Urban Sanitation Solutions

With more than four billion people still lacking access to safe sanitation globally, we know that it’s going to take a multitude of innovative solutions to successfully tackle a crisis of this proportion. A one-size-fits-all solution to the global sanitation crisis is not realistic, instead focusing on expanding access to safe sanitation that meets the need of the local context is likely the most impactful way forward. But, for so long, the data necessary to successfully operate a localized approach has been inaccessible, incomplete, and challenging to compare. Thus, it is essential that decision makers have the data to assess how the safety and ...

Oxfam Policy and Practice Blog: Container Based Sanitation Could Solve the World’s Toilet Problems

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New Security Beat: New Approach to Sanitation May Help Fast-Growing Urban Areas Achieve SDGs

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