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Sunscreen or Rubber Boots? SOIL Has a Weather Station!

Last month we started collecting meteorological data at our composting site in northern Haiti. Currently, very few weather records are available in Haiti, and only a handful of stations publicly share the data they collect. With help from Becca Ryals and Gavin McNicol, our research partners from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, we built a brand new weather station at our northern compost site that offers a new, publicly-available source of continuous, local weather information! In fact, we set up the weather station just days after a tropical storm dumped massive amounts of rain on northern Haiti, flooding many people out of their homes, ...

Theo Talks Episode 20: Pouring Rain

Join SOIL’s charismatic Regional Director Theo Huitema on another adventure. In Theo Talks Episode 20, Theo uses a midday rainstorm as a chance to give you a glimpse of how quickly floodwater builds up during a late summer storm. This Theo Talks episode will have you cheering for the potential for "trees growing with the compost of SOIL" to fight further soil erosion. We hope you enjoy this short video and then take a few minutes to check out the full Theo Talks series.