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New Paper Digs into Process Costs of SOIL’s Regenerative Sanitation Service

Photo: Tony Marcelli Urban sanitation interventions have historically focused on sewers or onsite sanitation options, such as pit latrines and septic tanks, but as cities are expanding at staggering rates, it’s increasingly clear that these traditional technologies are infeasible and unsafe in most urban environments. What’s also clear is that sustainability in our rapidly urbanizing world will require no less than a complete reconstruction of our cities. Instead of relying on systems that cause planetary harm, we’ll need to create ecologically regenerative infrastructure that provides needed services to urban residents while restoring a ...

ReSource Award Supports the Growth of SOIL’s Business Model

Photo: AJ+ We’re on our way to creating an affordable and replicable model for the provision of a safe, ecologically beneficial city-wide sanitation, and we’ve got news to share! In September 2017 we excitedly announced that SOIL was selected as a Finalist for the ReSource Award. This prize acknowledges social entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at scaling up new approaches for solving social or ecological issues related to sustainable water management. We’re still under consideration for the final award (keep your fingers crossed for us!) but in the meanwhile, we’re happy to announce that this award has already had a tremendously positive ...

World Bank Video: A Peek into SOIL’s Inclusive Sanitation Solution

Photo: Monica Wise  Across the world nearly one billion people reside in urban settlements with little or no access to sanitation, and with the rapid global urbanization that's currently underway, it's expected that 60% of the world will be urban dwelling by 2020. SOIL and fellow Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) practitioners are pioneering revolutionary sanitation technologies for growing global cities that - compared to traditional sanitation options in the cities where they operate - are safer, more resilient, and more sustainable due to the recovery of resources that happens through transformation of waste into valuable end products like ...

Oxfam Policy and Practice Blog: Container Based Sanitation Could Solve the World’s Toilet Problems

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New Security Beat: New Approach to Sanitation May Help Fast-Growing Urban Areas Achieve SDGs

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