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Spring Newsletter 2012: We have 400,000 gallons of compost!

SOIL has 400,000 gallons of rich, organic compost curing in piles at our waste treatment sites around Haiti and we're producing more at a rate of 5,000 gallons a week! Check out the full story in the SOIL Spring Newsletter.

Phone Calls to Haiti

Dear Friends, I apologize for my silence over the last week or so.  I am just too devastated to be able to write anything coherent.  Kevin is recovering from malaria and is now able to spend more of a day off the couch than on it.  We are trying to keep in touch and do what we can from the US. I finally got through to Haiti by phone last night for the first time. Estimable Francius Dauphin, aka Jhonny, the mayor of Borgne, reports that people from Borgne who had been living in Port au Prince are starting to return to their families in the countryside. The mayor’s office sent a bus down to the capital to pick up survivors and came back with ...