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BBC: Toilets in Haiti and Circular Runways

"There are no sewers in Haiti. 26% of Haitians have access to a toilet, so a lot of the sewage ends up in the water supply. Currently, Haiti is battling the biggest cholera epidemic in recent history and thousands are dying. We travel there to meet a team of women who are trying to solve this massive problem." Listen to the interview at BBC World Service on March, 28 2017. Support SOIL Other Recent SOIL Coverage  

UNCCD News: Ecological Sanitation for Healthy Soils

By the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in the UNCCD News Issue 4.2/4.3, March-June 2012. When confronted with two or more related challenges – let’s say from the fields of biodiversity and desertification – the ability to multi-task is often essential. But it’s difficult to imagine how sustainable land management and sanitation can be combined to create a win-win situation. The non-governmental organisation SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods) has managed this balancing act in Haiti, using compost gained through ecological sanitation to regenerate the country’s soils. Meeting people’s daily food needs is ...