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Sharing Our Story with Carel Pedre

Carel Pedre speaking with SOIL's Senior Manager, Romel Toussaint In recent weeks, there has been a sudden flurry of interest in the value of human waste in the Haitian media, leading to increased attention, and sometimes head-scratching speculation, as to the ins and outs of SOIL’s work. SOIL was delighted at this new peak in interest and wanted to use this as an opportunity to answer some of the questions that were being asked with regard to SOIL’s work with waste - and exactly what we were doing with that waste! In order to share more of the real story about our innovative sanitation solution, SOIL reached out to renowned Haitian journalist and ...

BBC: Why are People Paying $6 for a Bag of Human Waste?

Why are People Paying $6 for a Bag of Human Waste?The women saving lives using sewage. Posted by BBC on March, 28 2017 Support SOIL Other Recent SOIL Coverage