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July 2021 Newsletter: Lespwa Fè Viv

Dear Friend, We want to take a moment to acknowledge the horrible tragedy that occurred in Haiti last week, the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. SOIL strongly condemns this act of violence and we send our condolences to his family. We are saddened at the way in which this act will likely further destabilize the country, deepening the struggle for so many of our friends and colleagues. At this time, we are doing all we can to protect the safety of our staff and ensure service to our customers. We are immensely grateful for the outpouring of love and support we have received from friends, supporters and partners in more than 25 countries who ...

June 2012 Newsletter: Sustainable Sanitation Works in Haiti

Dear friends and supporters, As many of you know, Sasha, Bobo and Anthony have finally returned to Port-au-Prince safe and sound. The whole team met Bobo at the airport on Friday afternoon with dozens of Haitian flags and cheers. Our excitement was infectious and Bobo received hugs and good wishes from people who’d never even met him! Bobo spent the weekend with his wife and young son in Milot before flying back to Port-au-Prince early Monday morning to help with the final preparations for the Sustainable Sanitation Conference, co-hosted by SOIL and UNICEF. We’ve been in such a frenzy the last few days, we’ve hardly had time to sleep, so ...

May 2012 Newsletter: South Africa, Haiti, Sanitation and Friends

Dear friends of SOIL, I am writing to you from South Africa where I have been exchanging ideas with Durban's municipal authority who are currently operating the world's largest ecological sanitation project. I have learned so much from this exchange and am so grateful to all of the organizations, individuals and government representatives who have warmly received us. I have also been deeply inspired by the realization that, though there are many laudable projects happening throughout the world, SOIL's work remains at the cutting edge of the field. Our emergency sanitation projects uniquely provide a safe and ecological option to displaced communiti...

Spring Newsletter 2012: We have 400,000 gallons of compost!

SOIL has 400,000 gallons of rich, organic compost curing in piles at our waste treatment sites around Haiti and we're producing more at a rate of 5,000 gallons a week! Check out the full story in the SOIL Spring Newsletter.

Winter 2011 – Ecological Sanitation Catches on in Haiti

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June 2011: Dear Friends of SOIL

Dear Friends, I have waited to write this letter to you, waited to have some good news to share, wanted toshare hope and not disillusionment, wanted to reassure you that the program we have developed since the earthquake will continue to serve families in need. But as today marks the first day of hurricane season in Haiti, cholera is on the rise again and SOIL is poised to begin closing down our public toilets in the camps of Port au Prince for lack of funds, I can wait no longer.  SOIL was built on the kindness of our friends and supporters around the world.  For four years we grew our organization on your generosity alone, ...

Fall 2010 Newsletter: SOIL’s EcoSan Toilets Revolutionize Emergency Sanitation

Our SOIL Newsletter - Fall 2010 is out with lots of updates on our latest projects. If you didn't receive your own copy by email and you'd like to in the future, please sign up for email updates in the box to the right. In This Issue When Toilets Go Bad SOIL's EcoSan Toilets Revolutionize Emergency Sanitation Update from Northern Haiti SOIL's Reponse to the 2010 Earthquake Join Us for the 2011 SOIL Calendar Fundraiser SOIL Website Now Accepts Monthly Donations