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Waste is a Verb, Not a Noun

What is “waste”? Based on which values do we classify something as waste? Do we think certain things are gross or dirty because they are dangerous? The journalist Rose George recently wrote that even though worms are harmless, we are disgusted by them because they remind us of parasites, which are dangerous. Or is the reaction of disgust all cultural, as some anthropologists would have it? The anthropologist Mary Douglas pointed out that context has a lot to do with how we view and classify objects. For example, full head of hair on a woman is considered beautiful, but finding a single strand of hair in your food can be enough to ruin your ...

takepart: People Are Cooking With Human Poo—and That’s a Good Thing

"To get the fuel she needed to cook her food and warm her home, Kenyan Nancy Wambui, 54, used to buy charcoal made from chopped-down trees. But recently, she was given a new set of briquettes to try, that looked just like regular charcoal but worked even better. The secret ingredient? Human poop. “They took a long time to burn off, so you could cook and then still have heat to heat hot water for bathing,” she said of her first experience using the new fuel.