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Sasha Kramer and Tony Loyd on Sustainable Sanitation Solutions

"SOIL’s (ecological sanitation) waste treatment facilities treat and transform more than 500 tons of human waste annually, providing a powerful example of how to affordably and effectively increase access to sustainable sanitation services worldwide," writes Tony Loyd, who welcomed SOIL's Dr. Sasha Kramer to join him in conversation last month on his podcast dedicated to sharing stories of solutions flourishing around the world. Want to learn more? Follow this link to listen to their discussion on SOIL's journey, our lessons learned, and - ultimately - what we're working towards here in Haiti. Support SOIL Other Recent SOIL Coverage  

Lift Economy: Poop to the Rescue for Eroding Soils

Image: AJ+ Untreated human waste can do incredible harm to both public health and the environment. But can the power of poop be harnessed to rescue eroding soil and create sustainable livelihoods? Regular SOIL blog readers know the answer to that question is: yes! Dr. Sasha Kramer, SOIL's co-founder and Executive Director, sat down with our friends at Lift Economy for their podcast B the Change to chat about SOIL's work to develop social business models for the provision of household sanitation in vulnerable urban communities across Haiti. Listen to the Episode: Don't miss reading the article that accompanies the episode, which is available ...

In the Business of Change: Promoting Sustainable Sanitation in Haiti

As we kick off the New Year, we're doubling down on our commitment to expand access to safe and sustainable sanitation in Haiti and we were excited to join See Change's Elisa Birnbaum for an episode of their podcast, In the Business of Change, to talk more about it. In the episode, SOIL's co-founder and Executive Director Sasha Kramer recounts how SOIL blended principles from the fundamentals of ecology and human rights advocacy to build a holistic sanitation service that takes on a symptom of poverty, in this case a lack of access to sanitation, and transforms it into an environmental solution. If you've ever wondered about how SOIL started ...