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Human Waste for Sustainable Futures

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Schilling Transformation has always been one of our core values – transformation of wastes into resources, of disempowered people into community advocates, of exploited landscapes into lush, productive gardens. We are a population of over seven billion people, living in a world with increasingly scarce resources. Yet, we at SOIL know that there is one resource – often overlooked – that is perpetually available: human waste. For us, human waste isn’t waste at all; it’s sustainability, it’s nutrients, its ecological power. We’ve been demonstrating the immense potential of human waste since 2006 and we don’t ...

Theo Talks Episode 13: Smoking The Bees

Join SOIL’s charismatic Regional Director Theo Huitema on another adventure in EcoSan. This time Theo visits with the SOIL beekeepers as they begin the harrowing task of transferring the bees from the log that they arrived in to their freshly made hive boxes. Here's a quote from the video to give you a taste of the excitement you're in for with this latest Theo Talks episode: "They are putting a machete into the treelog. This is a terrible method! This is more terrible than pulling out your teeth...with his bare hand!....this bees are coming!....oh my god oh my god...." Enjoy watching! Check out the entire Theo Talks series here!

Consilience: Transforming Haiti from the Bottom Up

By Victoria Lauredo in Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development, October 17, 2012. Amidst the buzz of CEOs, celebrities and heads of state attending last month’s Clinton Global Initiative’s 2012 Annual Meeting floats in Dr. Sasha Kramer, a 36 year-old ecologist and human rights observer who has been working in Haiti since 2004. Nothing about the wispy blonde’s delicate frame would indicate that she spends her days rescuing substances most of us would rather forget down the toilet. But excrement recycler is what she is. As Executive Director and Co-Founder of SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods), Dr. Kramer promotes ...