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Theatre Group Promotes SOIL EcoSan Toilets in Haiti

In order to reach people who would most benefit from ecological sanitation, such as those in Cap-Haitien’s crowded slums without modern plumbing or electricity, SOIL is using innovative methods to break down cultural barriers towards ecological sanitation. SOIL has been collaborating with a small theatre group to develop a 20-minute sketch promoting the EcoSan toilets SOIL has been providing and maintaining over the years. Here is recap of the story, for entertainment, and for a better understanding of common obstacles SOIL has overcome over the years. The play opens with the main character Djabolo speaking of his family’s many trials: they are ...

How Does SOIL Make Its Toilet Seats? With a Vacuum Cleaner, a Stove Top Burner and a Roll of Aluminum Foil

Hold on to your hats as SOIL gets sucked into the future! We purchased a standard household vacuum, a single stove top burner, a roll of aluminum foil, and have created our very own vacuformer box. With this new technology at the farm workshop, we are now able to produce our own urine diversion seats, the specially designed toilet seats that help make SOIL's EcoSan toilets easy and pleasant to use. A vacuformer works by heating up an enclosed box, on top of which is a 1/16" PETG sheet of plastic. When the plastic sheet begins to melt, we turn on a vacuum that pulls the now malleable plastic into the desired form. Our initial trials have proved ...

Sustainable Sanitation Conference 2012: Moving Forward

This is a summary of key takeaways from the Sustainable Sanitation Conference, co-hosted by SOIL and UNICEF in June 2012. For an introduction and general overview of the conference, or to find information about other presentations, click here.