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Theo Talks Episode 1: A Sunrise Tour Through the SOIL Nursery in Cap-Haitien

Join SOIL's Regional Director, Theo Huitema, on the first (of many we hope) adventures in EcoSan. In Theo Talks Episode 1, Theo will take you on a sunrise tour of the SOIL nursery outside of Cap-Haitien. Listen closely and you might hear some tree cocks! Do you want to support this effort to improve food security and reforestation in Haiti? Our friends at Trees, Water & People are helping expand the SOIL nursery with a campaign to plant 10,000 trees in Haiti. Learn more at the Trees, Water & People website. Check out the full Theo Talks series.

SOIL’s Regional Director Moves Into a Compost Bin!

That’s right, our beloved Regional Director, Theo Huitema, has now officially become a shining example of our organizational mission to transform wastes into resources by building his home inside our old compost bins in Limonade, northern Haiti. In January 2012, the mayor of Limonade asked SOIL to relocate our northern Haiti compost site in accordance with a new plan for the development of the region.  Although it was sad to leave behind our beautiful new compost bins, which had only been used for 4 months, we gladly obliged and have since established a new compost site on government land in the officially sanctioned waste treatment area. Not ...