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Dr. Sasha Kramer Walks Out of President Trump’s Speech at Davos in Solidarity with the Haitian People

Photo: Jorge Ribas of the Washington Post

World Bank Video: A Peek into SOIL’s Inclusive Sanitation Solution

Photo: Monica Wise  Across the world nearly one billion people reside in urban settlements with little or no access to sanitation, and with the rapid global urbanization that's currently underway, it's expected that 60% of the world will be urban dwelling by 2020. SOIL and fellow Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) practitioners are pioneering revolutionary sanitation technologies for growing global cities that - compared to traditional sanitation options in the cities where they operate - are safer, more resilient, and more sustainable due to the recovery of resources that happens through transformation of waste into valuable end products like ...

BBC: Why are People Paying $6 for a Bag of Human Waste?

Why are People Paying $6 for a Bag of Human Waste?The women saving lives using sewage. Posted by BBC on March, 28 2017 Support SOIL Other Recent SOIL Coverage

AJ+: Turning Deadly Poop Into Fertile Soil

Turning Deadly Poop Into Fertile Soil Haiti is fighting cholera by turning human poop into rich fertilizer. Posted by AJ+ on Sunday, February 26, 2017 Other Recent SOIL Coverage  

CBS News: Sowing seeds of hope for Haiti’s future

We are excited and honored to share a beautiful piece about our dear friend and partner Daniel Tilias and his organization, SAKALA, based in Cite Soleil. Daniel has worked tirelessly to create local solutions to Haiti's intertwined issues of environmental degradation, lack of employment opportunities, and need for safe spaces for children to learn and play. Check out this video and article from CBS News to see how far SAKALA has come since its founding in 2002 - and look out for a SOIL cameo near the end! Want to keep reading?

BBC: Haiti’s Fight Against Disease With The Eco Toilet

By Lorena Arroyo for the BBC. 16 September 2014 The 2010 Haitian earthquake displaced thousands of people, with many still living in temporary camps. Poor sanitation has caused serious health problems in the country - but could a special eco toilet improve the situation? Lorena Arroyo reports from the Haitian capital Port Au Prince. See the video: www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-29217235  

National Geographic Video: Putting Waste To Work

SOIL's Executive Director, Dr. Sasha Kramer, gives a talk at National Geographic on fighting Haiti's most pressing health, economic and environmental problems, one toilet at a time. This follows up a previous article in the National Geographic in October on SOIL's attempt to use human waste to revive farmland and the nomination of Sasha as a 2011 National Geographic "Emerging Explorer".

The New York Times: The Miracle Toilet [Video by Nicholas D. Kristof]

By Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times, December 1, 2010 Nicholas D. Kristof reports from Haiti about toilets that aim to address the sanitation problems that lead to cholera, while also providing fertilizer to help farmers.