Talking Soil with Peter Morgan

In May 2012 my husband Anthony and I had the very special opportunity to spend several days with a dear friend of mine, and SOIL’s deepest inspiration.  Peter Morgan is a British Marine Biologist who has lived in Zimbabwe for over 40 years.  Although trained as a biologist Peter has dedicated his life to addressing basic human rights such as water and sanitation.  Though quite a humble man, Peter has been an inspiration not only to SOIL but to water and sanitation engineers around the world through his development of simple innovative technologies, our favorite of which is the arborloo.

I first met Peter in 2005 at a conference in South Africa and was immediately moved by his gentle love for nature and his warm approach to development.  I remember him telling me about how the elves and the gnomes have been practicing ecological sanitation for generations. We have been trying to follow their example ever since.

For a rare look into the incredible mind of Peter Morgan check out this conversation between he and I on a sunny afternoon in Johannesburg last May.

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  • Chris Canaday
    February 14, 2013 (1:05 pm)

    Great stuff. Thanks for posting this. This may be the first video I have seen of Peter talking about the ecological basis of EcoSan. If there are more such videos, please post them.

    As I have mentioned on the SuSanA Forum

    (including more doubts from various persons, but a solar oven or open sun drying could be included),

    the finished compost is an excellent cover material for UDDTs, thus inoculating new feces with many of the soil microbes that decomposed feces during the previous cycle, thus the rapid genetic evolution of microbes is on our side. Finished compost could also be mixed imperceptibly into other cover materials.

    Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  • John Gooch
    March 26, 2014 (11:50 pm)

    Sasha seems to be changing history, and looks like she knows it.
    I think she could help the middle east by spreading people out from each other, into the counry side and making jobs for them.
    With their new knowledge, they could keep cooler heads with the water of Aquaponics.
    Which is growing plants with even less minerals by circulating the minerals in water like in hydroponics, but the water is ecologicaly stabalised by the growing of Fish in anther tank but with the same water.
    The market predictions for Aquaponics are like those for Electronics.

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