Disaster relief

Earthquake damage

Final Earthquake Response Update

SOIL has been working in Haiti for over 15 years and throughout that time, we've learned many lessons. From then until now, there is one lesson that resonates the most, and that is the importance of working in partnership with communities in everything we do. Community-driven impact continues to....

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SOIL Co-founder Baudeler Magloire with Rea Dol and partners preparing emergency response supplies.

SOIL’s community-led earthquake response: Interview with Réa Dol

SOIL Co-founder Baudeler Magloire with Rea Dol and partners preparing emergency response supplies. SOIL was founded in the spirit of working side-by-side with communities to build ecological sanitation solutions that could be community-led. That principle idea of community-driven impact continues to....

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Happy Earth Day

September 2021 Newsletter: From Response to Reconstruction

We are deeply grateful to our network for your incredible solidarity and generosity in the aftermath of the earthquake in southern Haiti a month ago. The most current assessments of the impact indicate over 2,200 people were killed and another estimated 12,000 people injured. Overall, more than 136....

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2021 earthquake

Earthquake Response Update

Structural damage to home after earthquake (left). Chlorine distribution for water treatment (right). We want to thank our incredible SOIL community for your generosity and support over this past week in response to the earthquake in southern Haiti. This outpouring of support has enabled SOIL to....

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Hurricane Matthew: Lessons Learned

On October 1st, Hurricane Matthew turned just a few degrees to the east putting the southern peninsula of Haiti directly in its path. Three days later, 142 mph winds ripped over small mountain villages and coastal cities damaging or destroying nearly 150,000 homes and more than 80% of regional crops....

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Hurricane Matthew Relief in Southern Haiti

First of all, thank you . Thank you to so many of you who reached out to SOIL to make sure that we are ok here in Haiti; to the hundreds who have donated to our relief fundraiser ; to our friends and staff here in Haiti who put all hands on deck to organize a trip down to the south to bring much....

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New Clear Vision: "Hope and Remembrance"

Re-Posted from www.oursoil.org to New Clear Vision on January 22, 2013 Dear Friends, I am writing this letter at 3:53 pm on January 12, 2013. Three years ago today, Port au Prince was bustling with activity as people spilled into the streets from work and school. Mothers returned home after a long....

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Jounen jèn — Days of remembrance: Letters from Port-au-Prince

Friday February 12, one month after the earthquake, the first day of Jounen jèn, the days of mourning and remembrance, and we walked through the twisted iron and dusty shards of glass of the shattered National Cathedral. As we crossed through the open door and stared down the length of the cathedral....

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Fear Slows Relief Efforts in PAP

To our dear friends and supporters who have been so present through this difficult time. I feel like I have a wall of love and protection around me knowing that you are all holding Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. I apologize for not having written for the past few days, it is partly that life....

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Kouraj Cheri: Update from PAP

This afternoon, feeling helpless, we decided to take a van down to Champs de Mars (the area around the palace) to look for people needing medical care to bring to Matthew 25, the guesthouse where we are staying which has been transformed into a field hospital. Since we arrived in Port-au-Prince....

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