Grinder Campaign Update – Thank You!

SOIL’s Sebastien Jabouin Jacques with the new grinder

Thanks to our very generous supporters and friends, we received over $29,000 in donations to our Grinder campaign! From all of us at SOIL, thank you for your generosity and for your continued commitment to helping ensure safe, dignified sanitation for families in Cap-Haitien. 

As many of our readers know, this fundraising effort was predicated by our need to produce more bonzodè which is the cover material used as the “flush” in SOIL’s water-free household toilets. Bonzodè is an essential component of our sanitation service – you can’t use an EkoLakay or EkoMobil toilet without it – so it was critical that we found a way to increase our production in order to continue to grow our service. 

After much research and consultations we are very excited to share the news about the recent purchase of our new grinder – made possible by each of you who donated to our campaign. This new, more efficient grinder will ensure that our team in Cap-Haitien can increase the production of bonzodè, allowing us to keep up with demand as well as expand our reach and add more households to our service. 

As Haiti continues to grapple with the complexities of economic and political instability and continued insecurity, the SOIL team remains focused on protecting vulnerable families by expanding access to essential services that safeguard communities and help to safeguard baseline health. We are so grateful for you, the members of our community, for your continued support during this exceptional time.  

Once again, our deepest thanks and gratitude. Support from friends and partners like you is truly the secret to our continued operational success – you make our work possible.

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