The 11 Steps to Using a Urine Diversion Toilet

Did you miss the Sustainable Sanitation Conference? Don’t worry, we’ll have video footage, presentations and further information available soon.

In the meantime, check out one of SOIL’s tried and true educational tools: the Eleven Steps to Using a Urine Diversion Toilet. We’ve used the Eleven Steps at EcoSan trainings and toilet inaugurations as an interactive, fun way to teach people how to use our toilets. The exercise helps people to understand Urine Diversion toilets, and hopefully to feel more comfortable using the toilets and talking about them. Don’t know about UD toilets? Click here.

The following slideshow is a guided tour through the Eleven Steps…enjoy!

[thethe-image-slider name=”The 11 Steps to Using a Urine Diversion Toilet”]

Also, watch this video for a fun volunteer demonstration at a SOIL toilet inauguration! Nick Preneta, SOIL’s Deputy Director, is gamely playing the part of the toilet for the demo.

We’ll be posting more educational materials and resources throughout the year, but if you want to learn more now, you can download a copy of The SOIL Guide to EcoSan. Released in February 2011, this 144-page document is based on SOIL’s findings from over six years of ecological sanitation experience in Haiti. Truly revolutionary, the Guide covers topics such as toilet designs, management strategies, composting techniques and lessons learned.

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