The Newest SOILies!

Today the Port-au-Prince office is all aflutter as we welcome the newest members of our team: the chickens! Our three new friends are named Sgt. Pepper, Soli, and Cora, and they will live in our beautiful backyard. The chickens will feast on black soldier fly larvae, harvested with our new BioPod. The Pod is a combination food composting box and Black Soldier Fly trap. The trapped flies lay eggs in the composting food scraps, and their larvae munch on the scraps, aiding the composting process. Then the larvae become tasty snacks for our new chickens!

To learn more about BioPods, visit

Check out the SOIL team greeting its newest members!

Executive Director Sasha Kramer tempting Soli and Cora with some snacks!

Everyone came outside to meet the newest team members!

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