The Results Are In!

You may have noticed that here at SOIL, we love showing off pictures of our compost’s efficacy – enormous heads of cabbage, piles of peppers, and more*! These pictures may be worth a thousand words, but we also love hard data, so we recently sent off our compost to be tested by the soil and compost experts at Control Labs in California.

Control Labs performs soil nutrient analysis – the equivalent of the ingredients panel on the side of a cereal box. And just like with the cereal box, you want to be sure the contents within are going to promote health and growth (albeit for your plants)!

The results are as great as we expected: we’ve got safe, healthy compost jam-packed with nutrients. Check out the details here.

140502 Pitimi Penye XPR 2

Early results in our sorghum experiment!

It’s pretty amazing that all that goodness comes from a pile of poop – producing beautiful rich soil and recycling the nutrients back into the food we love.  We are in awe of the transformative power of microbes and grateful that we are able to harvest their energy to help rebuild Haiti’s fertile soils and grow delicious vegetables as a byproduct.  Bon appétit!

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