The Sanitation Saleswoman

Algate Joseph has been part of the SOIL team since 2012. She originally had a 1-month trial contract, which turned into years of dedicated contribution to SOIL’s mission. Because of her positive energy, tireless commitment to community engagement and education, and increased responsibility in the EkoLakay program, SOIL Cap-Haitien honored Algate as the employee of the month in January 2016!

I interviewed Algate to see what drives her to work so hard to improve sanitation in her community. She doesn’t say so in the interview, but she brought in a whopping 227 new EkoLakay household toilet clients in 2015. Be sure to watch the song she composed for EkoLakay after reading the interview!

Algate marketing EkoLakay in Avyasyon

What is your position in SOIL?

I work SOIL as the Hygiene Promoter and Sanitation Coordinator Assistant. I’m the one who does trainings with people to show them how to use SOIL toilets in a hygienic way. I do marketing as well.

What is your typical day at work like?

I work in the field doing door-to-door visits at clients’ houses to talk to them about how to use their EkoLakay toilet well. And for people who don’t have toilets, I try to get them interested in our system and install an EkoLakay toilet in their home. There are some clients that are really happy when I show up at their house to install a toilet. They congratulate me and they congratulate SOIL. I really appreciate that feeling.

What brought you to work with SOIL?

I love SOIL’s work in Haiti because our country has had a lot of public health problems. Diseases spread because human waste is not contained or treated. SOIL’s work is important in Cap-Haitien because people in Cap-Haitien openly defecate, there’s no sanitation, and these are very unhygienic conditions.

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If a lot of people in Okap have toilets, there would be more cleanliness and people could live healthier lives. I would be really happy if SOIL could make an even bigger impact in Haiti so that we can finally resolve the preventable diseases that Haitians come in contact with every day.

Check out Algate’s song!

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