The Strength of Solidarity

A note from SOIL’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Sasha Kramer:

This morning, in addition to waking up to the uncertainty and stress brought about by the ongoing instability in Haiti, our team arrived in the office to find words of solidarity and support from our colleagues all the way across the world in Madagascar. Our friends at Loowatt, a partner in the Container-based Sanitation Alliance, took a moment away from their busy day to share words of encouragement with our field staff on the ground in Haiti.

This simple act of kindness reminded us of the power of solidarity. Sometimes just knowing that your work is respected and acknowledged can be the difference between discouragement and hope. And although hope alone cannot move us towards a resolution of this crisis, maintaining our sense of hope will be critical to sustaining our spirits as we navigate it.

So thank you to our friends at Loowatt and to our supporters all over the world who have taken a moment to make a gesture of solidarity in any form – your kindness has a greater impact than you know.

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