Theo Talks Episode 10: The Bobcat in Action

More adventures in EcoSan this week with Regional Director Theo and the rest of the SOIL Cap-Haitien team. The ‘Bobbycat’ is already hard at work after making the journey up from Port-au-Prince in the back of the Baskil (check out the last episode of Theo Talks for the full scoop). Come along as “Operator Angelot” expertly maneuvers the Bobcat through the Mouchinette compost site, moving the compost into windrows to complete its aging process. Listen in as Theo narrates with his usual panache, and enjoy!

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1 Reply to "Theo Talks Episode 10: The Bobcat in Action"

  • David Reese
    March 24, 2013 (4:06 am)

    good work all around

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