Theo Talks Episode 7: Theo Talks Return!

After a little winter hibernation, the Theo Talks series is back in full swing, and we have a couple of different offerings for you this week. As you may have read, the SOIL Farm in Cap-Haitien is now operating on 100% solar power, a very exciting improvement to our operations in Limonade. Join SOIL’s charismatic Regional Director Theo for a tour of the new facilities, and learn more about the site’s new capabilities with Theo’s unique storytelling aplomb. And as a special treat for you, we’ve also posted a video about SOIL’s neighborhood bovine contingent: a mama cow showing her little heifer some affection. Enjoy, and check out our Youtube Channel for even more special Theo Talk videos. View the complete Theo Talks series.

Theo Explores the New SOIL Solar Panels:

A Special “Addition”-Theo and the Neighborhood Cows:

Check out the full Theo Talks series!

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