Tree Hugger: How SOIL’s Humble Toilet is Improving Health in Haiti

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Photo: Vic Hinterlang

Earlier this month at the 2018 Lush Spring Prize award ceremony, where SOIL was honored to receive the Established Project award in recognition of our regenerative sanitation work, we had the chance to chat with TreeHugger’s Katherine Martinko on why we believe that a solution to one of the world’s most pressing challenges lies in one of nature’s most fundamental ecological processes.

Martinko writes that she “came away from the interview feeling amazed at the idea that something as humble as a toilet can combat cholera, create employment, boost crop yields to feed a hungry population, sequester carbon, and increase resilience to climate change by allowing the ground to retain more water during periods of drought and stay stable in times of flooding. It all makes sense, of course, that these things are interrelated, but it’s such a beautifully simple solution to a problem that can appear extremely complicated.”

Read the article on TreeHugger by following this link and make sure you’re getting the latest updates from our teams in Haiti by signing up for SOIL’s monthly newsletter.

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