USAID: When Women Do Better, Countries Do Better

SOIL’s co-founder and Executive Director Sasha Kramer had the opportunity to join in on a USAID Q&A series on women entrepreneurs who are taking on some of the word’s most pressing problems. In the interview, Sasha shared the story of SOIL’s development, her personal journey as an entrepreneur, and advice she has to share with girls who dream of becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

From the Interview:

“I traveled to Haiti in 2004 in the wake of a coup as a human rights observer, never dreaming that nearly 15 years later I would still be living and working in a country that I love so dearly and have devoted myself to. As I came to know Haiti and build relationships with community leaders and activists, I realized there was an elegant solution that could simultaneously leverage my training as an ecologist and address one of the primary challenges facing communities in Haiti: a simple, locally driven, ecological approach to sanitation.

My organization, SOIL, was founded in the spirit of working side-by-side with communities to build ecological sanitation solutions that could be community-led, and that idea has evolved into the social business that we’re currently refining, EkoLakay.”

“It has been an inspiration to see this work catching on around the world. Over 10 years ago when SOIL was founded, we were pretty unusual. Now we are part of a formal alliance of practitioners working on similar sanitation solutions around the world, and I’m overwhelmed by the gathering momentum behind this idea that sanitation can be so much more than just a toilet.”

Interested in reading on? Follow this link to hear the rest of what Sasha had to say!

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